How VanOnGo employees help Ukraine win

It is already the fourth month that Ukraine has been on the defensive against Russian troops, and businesses are doing everything possible to support the rear. VanOnGo is one of them. In the conditions of war, we continue to work, volunteer, provide financial, material and humanitarian aid to the country.
Before the war in Ukraine, the VanOnGo company successfully worked in the logistics market, both domestically and abroad. The company started with 10 people. Currently, the company employs a total of about 60 specialists. 

«VanOnGo is a platform that connects businesses that need delivery with companies that want to deliver. We are not a courier service, we do not have our own cars and couriers, but we do have software and expertise. Our system is based on machine learning algorithms. They are the ones who calculate the routes, analyze the traffic, calculate the demand/supply ratio, etc.», — says Viacheslav Levchenko, the company's Chief Growth Officer. 

So, on the day when the first explosions rang out in Ukraine, the VanOnGo team realized that all their expertise should now be directed to help Ukrainians. Therefore, the People and Culture department, headed by Maryna Chepurna, undertook to immediately resolving urgent requests from civilians and military personnel. 


«We had to quickly retrain ourselves from specialists in finding candidates to specialists who find rare things for the front line, meet the needs of volunteers and help with the logistics of humanitarian cargo», — recalls Maryna,— «for the first week, we worked almost without breaks and weekends, and despite the shock that befell us all, the team united in a single desire — to help Ukraine and Ukrainians».  

«We received many requests for help to purchase something, for example, to find a few units of military ammunition, or mattresses, or folding beds, or unloading. Actually, this is what our People and Culture team was doing. We have understood how large funds work and provide advice on how to make these requests correctly. The strengths of our team are to think, find, check, negotiate and act quickly. Example: at 11 o'clock we receive a request to find 2 bulletproof vests in Odesa, and already at 2 p.m. we receive a report that everything has arrived, the goods are at the recipient's disposal. It requires a lot of nerves and concentration, but when everything succeeds — the whole team blossoms, we understand that the day was not in vain!». 

But the company's employees help not only «in the rear». The courier who helped deliver VanOnGo's cargo in peacetime is now a sniper. Several more colleagues joined the ranks of the Armed Forces and the local Territorial Defense. 

«Everyone contributes to the victory as best they can, some express it through service, others through providing aid. We did not hinder these initiatives, on the contrary, we supported and continue to support colleagues who decided to go to the front line or to the Council of Ministers. We bought the necessary equipment for them so that service in the Armed Forces was more efficient and safe», — adds Marina. 

Over the past three months, the VanOnGo team has collaborated with the Office of the President of Ukraine, the Kyiv City Administration and Vitaliy Klitschko, and the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. 


«In the first days of the war, people from the Ministry of Information found us themselves and asked for help with the transportation of humanitarian aid to the hot spots of our country. We coordinated the delivery, that is, we found drivers, the right cars and even fuel, because there was a problem with that too. Also, our developers helped make a volunteer platform related to deliveries», — recalls Tetyana Mudruk, the company's Requirements Engineer. 

For those who, like VanOnGo, decided to help on a volunteer basis with the delivery of goods, the company made its technology free. Individual citizens of Ukraine and several companies have taken advantage of this offer. 

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