How VanOnGo Technology Empowers Marketplaces for Express Delivery (part one)

In today's fast-paced e-commerce landscape, customers demand speedy and transparent delivery of their goods. However, fulfilling these expectations can be challenging, especially when dealing with orders placed through marketplaces.   

One of the primary issues lies in the complexity of orchestrating deliveries for marketplace orders. Coordinating multiple orders from various sellers, each with its own shipping preferences and timelines, can quickly become a logistical puzzle. Traditional methods often fall short in providing a seamless solution. 

That's why businesses need technology that will allow them to process all this data quickly and efficiently. 

This is the technology we have. 


At VanOnGo, we've revolutionized the delivery process through our innovative multi-delivery approach. Picture this: one dedicated courier, strategically managing a diverse range of orders sourced from various merchants. This highly streamlined operation is the cornerstone of our commitment to excellence. 

By consolidating multiple deliveries under one courier, we're not just optimizing efficiency; we're setting a new standard for productivity in the industry. This means fewer vehicles on the road, reduced emissions, and ultimately, a positive impact on the environment. Additionally, it significantly reduces delivery times, ensuring that customers receive their orders swiftly and seamlessly. 


In the intricate realm of logistics, precision is paramount. That's precisely why we've harnessed the power of dynamic routing, an advanced technology that goes beyond conventional route planning. Rather than relying on fixed routes, our system dynamically calculates the most efficient path for each courier in real-time. 

This means that every variable is taken into account – from traffic patterns and road conditions to the location of each delivery point. The result? Couriers reach their destinations with unrivaled efficiency. This not only translates to reduced transit times but also ensures that customers receive their orders at the peak of freshness, especially crucial for perishable goods. 

Furthermore, dynamic routing isn't just about speed; it's about adaptability. In the event of unexpected delays or changes, the system instantly recalculates the best route, ensuring minimal disruption to the delivery schedule. This level of responsiveness sets our service apart, as we're committed to delivering not only parcels but also peace of mind. 

Ultimately, our dynamic routing technology is the linchpin in our quest for optimal efficiency. It's a testament to our unwavering dedication to providing a seamless, dependable, and customer-centric delivery experience. 


Imagine a delivery system finely tuned to operate within a defined radius, ensuring maximum efficiency. This is precisely what our use of polygons in logistics accomplishes. By strategically delineating specific delivery zones, we've streamlined our operations. Orders are processed faster, reducing turnaround time and increasing the percentage of successful, timely deliveries. The precision of polygons allows our couriers to navigate through optimized routes, minimizing transit time and maximizing customer satisfaction. This level of spatial accuracy revolutionizes the way we approach deliveries, setting new benchmarks for efficiency and reliability in the logistics industry. 

In practice, does it work? Yes, it certainly does.  

A prime example is our collaboration with Kaspi, a Central Asian e-commerce and fintech giant, where our technologies led to a remarkable outcome: triple-digit growth in e-commerce orders. 

But these are not all the innovative technologies we offer our clients. We will write about the rest in the second part of the article, so stay tuned for the continuation.

And if you want to know how VanOnGo works right now - сontact us today to learn more about how VanOnGo can partner with your business.  

At VanOnGo, we're committed to transforming the e-commerce landscape, and the Kaspi case study is just one example of our success. We believe in delivering not just packages but delivering results for your business.